Combiboard PUR

  • Combiboard PUR beta 50mm
  • Combiboard PUR zeta 100mm

The well known PVC wall panel is now also available with PUR foam.

Fast and easy assembly thanks to clicking connection, can be used horizontally or vertically.

combiboard PUR beta 50 mm: panels 500 mm wide

combiboard PUR zeta 100 mm: panels 333.3 mm wide

  • Особенности: 
    • smooth PVC wall
    • washable
    • sustainable and hygienic
    • isolated
    • shock end wear resistant
    • resistant against almost all chemicals
  • Опции: 

    available in white and grey

    available in different lengths

  • Коррозионно-стойкие
  • Стойкие к воздействию воды
  • Теплоизолирующие
  • Быстрая установка